How to Email a College Soccer Coach (The Right Way)

A question I’ve been asked thousands of times by players and parents is, “How to email a college soccer coach”. 

There are some very basic, necessary steps that you need to make sure your email provides the right information and gets the attention of the college soccer coach.  

One thing to keep in mind and think about is, college coaches get 100s of emails a week from players similar to you.  Those coaches, usually the assistant coaches or recruiting coordinators have to go through those emails and figure out which ones would be a good fit for their program.  

You have to find a way to stand out and also be unique and authentic in your interest.  College coaches are not looking for players that are spamming 100s of college coaches weekly.  They are looking for players that are specifically interested in their program, for specific athletic, academic and social interests.  They want to know that you have done your...

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