College Soccer ID Camps - Should I attend?

College Soccer ID Camps are very popular and a great way for players to get additional exposure to college coaches. 

Players and parents get bombarded from College Soccer ID Camp companies and programs, promoting their upcoming camps.  I think this is great, because it makes players aware of the opportunities that are available to them outside of the showcase events they attend with their club teams.  

I always say, "There are 2 ways to look at getting exposure."

1.  You invite college coaches to come watch you play OR

2.  You go to them. 

Going to them means, you have to find ways to attend a Soccer ID Camp and get in front of the college coaches.   

But, you have to know which ID Camps will be best for you based on your Athletic, Academic, Social and Financial Preferences.  

You want to go to ID Camps that have schools that would be a good fit for you based on your Preferences so you don't waste time and money on schools that...

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