Make sure you update your Player Profile for college soccer recruiting.

College Coaches receive hundreds of emails from potential recruits.  When you send an email to a college coach, it is very important to include your Player Profile so the college coaches can start to put a name with a face.  In addition to being able to see your face, college coaches will also want to see your Academic and Athletic Accomplishments and Achievements.   

These are the basics that your Player Profile should include:

Headshot Picture - I recommend being in your uniform for this picture and making it look very professional and high quality.

Personalized college soccer recruiting email address - For example, [email protected] or [email protected] 

Academic Achievements - High School, GPA, Honors, Awards etc... 

Athletic Achievements - Team Name, Position, Level of play, Jersey Number, Awards, ODP, US National Team/Pool experience, Rankings etc...

Highlight Video - This is huge and I will talk more about this specifically in another future post.  Right now, college coaches need highlight videos because they are not allowed to do any live recruiting.  IF you have a highlight video, you have a much better chance of getting on their list.  

References - You should always include and provide a list of references for the college coaches.  This gives them an opportunity to see who you have played for in the past and who will be able to give them insight on your overall level of play.  They will also use these references as a resource to get to know you more as a person.  

Contact information - Include your personal contact information along with contact information for your references.   

Pro Tips:

You want your Player Profile to look Professional and Quality, so college coaches can tell that you are serious about your goals.

You only have one chance to make a good first impression!

Provide a High Quality Highlight Video that is attractive and eye catching.  You want to get the attention of the college coaches.  

Use as many references as possible including current and former coaches, directors, ID camp coaches, other college coaches and consultants that will be able to provide college coaches with a good honest assessment.   

Last but not least, there are a lot of different resources to use for your Player Profile and here is a list of my top 3 recommended platforms:

Total Global Sports (TGS) - This is my #1 recommendation due to the quality of the profile in addition to the additional features and benefits.  It provides all the basics plus more.  I will go into more detail in a future post about the access it provides.  This is great for ECNL players since it is the official partner that hosts all of their games and showcase events, so access to college coaches is huge with this platform.  

College Fit Finder (CFF) - This is a close 2nd and it also provides a quality profile with all the basics.  It also has additional features and benefits, but not as extensive or in-depth as TGS.  This one is great for Boys Academy players since they are the official partner with those clubs.  

Scouting Zone - This is great for players that are attending specific events that are partnered with Scouting Zone.  

* There are others like NCSA, Captain U, Soccer Recruits - but I recommend and prefer soccer specific platforms.  

If you need more detailed information or advice, please feel free to contact me at [email protected].



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